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What are partial dentures?

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Partial dentures are used to replace one or multiple missing teeth and solve both the functional and aesthetic issues like; biting and chewing and tooth loss. It is usually removable dentures which replace multiple teeth in the upper or lower portion of the mouth. It can preserve the placement of the remaining teeth otherwise it may shift over time. Partial dentures can enhance chewing and speaking for the wearer.


Different types of partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures: It is also known as dental flipper, as they are often supported by metal clasps. It allows for easier denture relines and denture repairs. The fabrication time of acrylic is faster than other partial dentures. Most dentists use acrylic  removable partial dentures as a temporary option while patients wait for permanent partial dentures like; cast metal partials. Acrylic partial dentures are affordable and color can be matched to the existing gums are the advantages. Similarly, break easily, can damage neighboring teeth and cover a large portion of the roof on the mouth which may cause gagging are the disadvantages of acrylic partial dentures

Cast metal partial dentures: It is a permanent partial denture which is more lightweight and durable than plastic ones. It is the most common option which comprises a rigid, ultra-thin metal base holding a set of acrylic teeth. It provides high-quality replacement teeth on a rigid frame which covers less soft tissue in patients’ mouths and improves overall oral health. Cast metal partial dentures are less bulky, comfortable in the mouth, palate is not covered and base is  covered with plastic for better aesthetics are some advantages. Likewise, it is expensive than other plastic, metal clasps may be visible in the mouth and cause allergic reactions due to hypersensitivity of the material used are some disadvantages of cast metal partial dentures.

Flexible partial dentures: It is a best alternative for cast metal and acrylic partial dentures. It is made from thermoplastic materials and fabrication time is often faster than other partial dentures. Flexible partial dentures do not need adhesives or visible clasps, are quick to produce, less expensive than metal partials and flexible structure are some advantages. Disadvantages of flexible partial dentures are that they can’t be fixed if they break.

Choosing the best partial dentures.

Partial dentures are an economical teeth replacement option for patients who are dealing with damaged teeth, few missing or broken teeth. It can restore the smile and improve ability to chew, also a cost-effective alternative to bridges or dental implants. They are removable partial dentures and permanent partial dentures which are made from a variety of materials including metal, acrylic and flexible resins. 

Not all the dentures are the same, every denture has different materials and has benefits and distinct advantages which address certain issues or tooth configuration. Mostly people chosen cast metal removable partial dentures but before choosing any partial dentures consult with a dentist. At first, the dentist will examine your teeth and suggest you the best partial dentures.

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