How flexible dentures are designed and fabricated?

Unique Dental Laboratory November 6th, 2023 0 Comments

Flexible dentures are a type of removable partial denture used to replace missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, which are typically made of rigid materials like acrylic and metal, flexible dentures are constructed from a more flexible and lightweight material known as thermoplastic resin. They provide a comfortable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing solution offering natural-looking teeth […]


Application area of flexible dentures.

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Flexible dentures , also known as flexible partial dentures or thermoplastic dentures, are a type of dental prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. They are made from flexible and lightweight materials, usually a type of thermoplastic resin, which offers several advantages over traditional rigid dentures.  Application of flexible dentures Flexible dentures have various applications in […]


What are the different types of flexible dentures?

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For patients who want to replace missing teeth while enhancing their smiles’ appearance, flexible partial dentures are a great solution. With features that compete with traditional dentures, flexible dentures can mimic the look and feel of real teeth. Flexible partial dentures are dental installations that are custom-made, less rigid, and supported by distinctive resin materials […]


Flexibles: A sound, temporary way to replace missing teeth.

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A flexible, also referred to as a flexible partial denture, is a type of dental prosthesis that can be used to replace one or more of a patient’s missing teeth. They are made of a lightweight, flexible material which can be easily molded to fit the contours of the patient’s mouth. Temporary use of flexibles […]


What to expect from flexible partial dentures?

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Flexible partial dentures are made to replace just a single or a few teeth rather than an entire set of teeth. It uses a nylon material that is softer and thinner than acrylic, providing the malleable quality which gives these dentures their name. Flexible dentures are comfortable to use, are gentle on sensitive tissue while […]


Flexible dentures: Everything you need to know.

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Flexible partial dentures are designed to replace some of your natural teeth. Flexible dentures are made from thermoplastic materials that are softer and more flexible than traditional dentures made out of porcelain, resin, and chrome. These dentures are natural-looking, pliable pink dentures which fit over the gums, holding replacement teeth in place as they don’t […]