Plastic Partial Denture Vs. Metal Partial Denture

Unique Dental Laboratory July 26th, 2023 0 Comments

Partial dentures  are removable dental prosthetics used to replace multiple missing teeth in a dental arch. They are designed to fill the gaps left by the missing teeth and restore the appearance and functionality of the mouth. They are custom-made to fit the unique shape and structure of an individual’s mouth. Metal clasps or precise attachments […]


Different Types of Mouth Guards in Use

Unique Dental Laboratory July 19th, 2023 0 Comments

A mouth guard, also known as a night guard or dental splint, is a protective appliance designed to cover and cushion the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. It helps prevent injuries to the mouth, teeth, and jaw during sports activities, as well as protect against teeth grinding during sleep. Mouth guards consist of a flexible […]


Quality Levels and Costs of a porcelain fused to metal crown.

Unique Dental Laboratory July 12th, 2023 0 Comments

Porcelain that has been fused to a metal crown is widely regarded as the most effective method for repairing damaged teeth. The specific segment of the market that a dentist serves will serve as the determining factor in determining how the porcelain-on-metal restoration will look. The typical dentist in the United States will outsource the […]


Why is PEEK an ideal dental material for your patient?

Unique Dental Laboratory July 6th, 2023 0 Comments

PEEK, which stands for polyether-ether-ketone, refers to an innovative and specialized form of thermoplastic material that possesses a variety of properties. These properties include outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological characteristics. PEEK as a dental material  is quickly taking over the role of metal components in a wide variety of different applications. PEEK is one of […]