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Everything you need to know about removable partial dentures.

A removable partial denture which can replace multiple missing teeth in a partially dentate arch which can be removed or replaced by the patient themselves. These partial dentures provide replacement for the loss of soft and hard tissues. Removable prosthesis may include metal framework and clasps or the connectors made from plastic or fiber which provides a denture more natural appearance. Oftentimes the atrial will be attached to the existing natural teeth known as precision attachments to give the wearer a better look in comparison to the clasps. Removable partial dentures can be a solution if a patient is not suitable for a fixed dental bridge or dental implants. These dentures are not permanently fixed into the patient’s oral cavity which means that the patients can easily remove them on their own. It is an ideal option for patients with partial edentulous with an absence of alveolar bone or soft tissue. Removable partial denture cost will depend on the number of the teeth that needs to be taken, the type of material used and the position of the teeth.

Advantages of removable partial dentures

  • Has a wide range of applications.
  • Can be used for restoration of incomplete dentition.
  • Less invasive and are cost-effective compared to other types of dentures.
  • Removable partials are a much better solution when replacing loss teeth in the lower jaw if some natural teeth can be saved.

Disadvantages of removable partial dentures

  • The movement or pressure from the partial can result in trauma to the abutment teeth or gums.
  • Increases the plaque build-up around the abutment teeth leading it to tooth decay and other gum diseases.
  • Removable partials may not function as well compared to the other tooth replacements such as implants and bridges.


Different types of removable partial dentures.

There are three different types of removable partial denture which includes:

  1. Cast metal partial denture: Cast metal partial dentures are the most common types of removable partial dentures made from a gum-colored acrylic base which are held together by the metal clasps. Cast partials are high quality replacement teeth that use precision attachments to enhance aesthetics. Patients usually prefer cast metal frameworks as they are lightweight and have an advanced durability. With proper care and oral hygiene these partial dentures can be resistant to plaque build-ups.
  2. Acrylic partial denture: Acrylic partial denture also known as flippers is a replacement tooth which consists of a removable acrylic base and is often held together by metal clasps. Acrylic partials however are less effective compared to cast metal partials which is why they are generally considered as a temporary solution.
  3. Flexible partial denture: Made from nylon thermoplastic material flexible partial dentures are a great alternative for patients who are allergic to acrylic. These partials are comfortable and closely resemble the patient’s natural teeth and gums. Flexible partials are more expensive in comparison to other partial dentures. However, if cracked these dentures will be difficult to repair and will have to be completely replaced.

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