UDL has become the regional expert on CAD/CAM and the same day crown procedure. Many completed hours of training specific to this technology, makes UDL an innovative and exciting partner for our clients. UDL using CAD/CAM technology can take what in many cases would have been two or three trips down to just one simple trip.

Let us show you how this technology can help make your client’s smile the best it can be in less time than you thought possible.

CAD/CAM is one of the most advanced products in world dentistry, with over 16 million restorations worldwide. The CAD/CAM can simultaneously design and mill, enabling UDL to prepare perfectly fitted ceramic restorations.

The CAD/CAM method combines adhesive bonding techniques with rapid production of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers bridges and crowns for anterior and posterior regions. This results in a unique combination creating biocompatible, non-metallic, natural looking restorations from durable high-quality ceramic materials, in a single treatment session, and without the need for temporaries.


What are the Benefits of InLab CAD/CAM?

CAD/CAM offers a series of benefits to the dental team, the business, and the patient.


  • Clinical excellence – high quality, long lasting restorations, tooth conservation
  • Job satisfaction – patients are enthralled by CAD/CAM. They engage in the process and “enjoy” the treatment

The Team

  • CAD/CAM provides a focus point for the whole dental team to rally around
  • As the status of the practice increases so does the moral of the team


  • CAD/CAM is a very cost effective treatment plan
  • Laboratory bills are drastically reduced
  • Income per hour increases

Why Digital Designing?

Digital designing is the technology which was developed to meet the demand of the patients who requested for a safer and more effective treatment digitally. This method makes it possible to create a very detailed treatment plan and mutual cooperation & communication between the doctor and the patients.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the new technology of digital dentistry. It is used mostly for reliability, reproducibility, providing fast & accurate and high quality of dental treatment.