Why Digital Designing?

Digital design is the technology which was developed to meet the demand of the patients who requested for a safer and more effective treatment digitally. A treatment plan is completely based on a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s tooth and face ratios. Dentists can have better understanding about the lips, gums and teeth through the use of videos, photos and temporary models, also on how to design to create the patient’s smile.

Digital designing concepts is a helpful technology in aesthetic visualization of patients’ problems, diagnosis and treatment planning. It is a digital mode that helps to create new digital dental by attaining a simulation and pre-visualization of the result of the proposed treatment. This technology is mostly used to achieve excellence, increasing accuracy and meeting patients’ needs in an accurate way.

Digital smile design process

Patients need to follow the whole process and participate actively in creating the smile or teeth they expected and this technology will help them to see the teeth or smile they expected, before deciding to start treatment. These are used to design the patient’s ideal smile. Here’s what happens during the process of digital smile design:

Step 1: The digital image and scan of the patient’s teeth, mouth and face is taken. In this process Digital scanners or an intraoral scanner are used.

Step 2: Then, the digital images are uploaded into a computer-aided design program.

Step 3: Using the 3D analysis, the program will create a 3D model, which will become the digital impression of the patients.

Step 4: Then, the model will be ready in the laboratory, and it is used to create a custom treatment for the patients.

Benefits of Digital designing

The benefits of digital designing can play a crucial role in achieving the perfect aesthetic for patients. Some of the benefits are:

  • Accuracy of treatment
  • High satisfaction of the patients
  • Increased confidence of the patient’s
  • Good oral health
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Painless process

Limitations of digital designing

Some limitations of digital designing are:

  • It is an expensive treatment.
  • The treatment plan depends on the digital images, videos & sometimes distort images and videos can be incorrect while planning the treatment.
  • Takes more time to complete the procedure.

Before getting into some conclusions, communicate with professionals for digital design. To know more about digital design, visit our clinic, where our highly professional experts will briefly describe the process and suggest what is good for your oral health.



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