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Why is PEEK an ideal dental material for your patient?

PEEK, which stands for polyether-ether-ketone, refers to an innovative and specialized form of thermoplastic material that possesses a variety of properties. These properties include outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological characteristics. PEEK as a dental material  is quickly taking over the role of metal components in a wide variety of different applications. PEEK is one of the high-performance polymers with the highest level of stability, making it an essential component of any biomaterial. It is the material of choice for Peek dental implants, abutments, removable partial dentures, prosthetic frameworks, and Peek dental crowns, and researchers are excited about the potential applications of this material in the future.


Advantages of PEEK as a Dental Material

The following are some of the advantages of PEEK  as a dental material:

  • Bio-compatible: It has been demonstrated that PEEK in dentistry is biocompatible, and a great number of studies have demonstrated that it is non-toxic. Despite the fact that thousands of patients have used PEEK, it is still superior to metal, which can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Mechanical properties: PEEK’s mechanical properties include both of these qualities. PEEK is less heavy and provides patients with a more comfortable experience than metal does. PEEK is able to withstand abrasive and compressive forces without compromising its integrity, which allows for increased comfort without compromising the material’s durability.
  • Flexibility: This high-performance polymer lasts a long time but is not rigid; it has excellent flexibility. PEEK, in its unfilled state, has a modulus that is comparable to that of cortical bone, which makes it an excellent dental material in that it is both strong and flexible. Due to the fact that it has extra flexibility, PEEK feels natural in the mouth and continues to be resilient even after years of being bit and chewed on.
  • Radiolucency: Radiolucency is a property that is essential to have in any material that is going to be used in an implant procedure, and PEEK possesses this property. Once it has been implanted, the polymer will not result in any visual interference on X-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans.
  • Aesthetics: PEEK can be precisely color matched to the patient, and it can also be easily fabricated into a custom shape. This gives PEEK an advantage over other materials in this regard. Because of its ability to have its color altered during the manufacturing process, PEEK is a dental material that is easy to incorporate into the oral cavity. Even full dentures can be made to look completely natural, restoring patients’ confidence in their ability to speak, smile, and eat normally again.
  • Taste neutral: Another problem with metal devices is that they tend to leave a metallic aftertaste in the mouths of patients. Patients who don’t want to be reminded that they have a denture or framework in place may find this bothersome, despite the fact that it does not pose a threat to their health in any way. PEEK is a dental material that is odorless and has no aftertaste, and it offers patients an additional level of comfort that metal dental devices do not. 


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