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Premium Dentures: What are they?

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Premium dentures are made with high-quality materials through a more in-depth production process, meaning they last longer and allow the patient to chew better. Because these dentures are made with better material, such as high-quality Lucitone acrylic, they provide both realistic-looking teeth and natural-looking gum tissues. These high-quality materials not only assist in supporting the face and jaw but also do so in the most effective way possible. Unlike traditional dentures, premium partial dentures appear more like a patient’s natural teeth, as there are more shades and molds to select from. Dentures like this are less likely to get discolored, stained, or porous than standard dentures are. In addition, they are less likely to become stained.

Premium dentures are highly functional and enable patients to chew and bite without worrying about the dentures breaking or being damaged. Depending on how well they are made, premium partial dentures have a lot of potential, to the point where they can be hard to tell apart from natural teeth. In order to accurately and comfortably fit the patient, a dentist designs and a dental technician custom-makes them. The difference between these dentures and ultra-premium dentures is that they are processed at a very high quality with more characterizations.

How much does a premium denture cost?

Although premium dentures cost more, they provide a denture that is of high quality and has a fantastic appearance since it is made using excellent materials. Because the denture will eventually fit better and more properly, it will require fewer follow-up visits to get refitted or relined, which will result in a potential saving of money in the long run. The cost may also vary depending on the number of false teeth on the dentures, the material used to fabricate the teeth, and the appearance of the false teeth.


Some peculiar features of premium dentures

Premium partial dentures mean less time in the dentist’s chair, fewer signs of aging before their time, better suction, and no hotspots, which are caused by dentures that don’t fit the patient’s mouth right. Here are some of the peculiar features of premium dentures :

  1. Because these dentures are manufactured to order utilizing a more sophisticated manufacturing process, it is guaranteed that they will have an exact fit within the patient’s mouth.
  2. They have the same visual appeal as natural teeth. Particularly when selecting dentures that are produced using processes that are thorough and precise, gingival tissue and teeth appear to be entirely realistic, which means that no one will be able to tell them apart from natural teeth.
  3. These dentures generally offer a higher resistance to flexural fatigue making them more stronger and comfortable when chewing and eating.
  4. It helps to boost the wearer’s confidence.
  5. These false teeth are built to last for a long time.
  6. These dentures are less likely to become stained, to accumulate germs, and to emit denture odor.
  7. They contain only a little amount of monomer residue.
  8. Premium partial dentures are one of the healthier denture alternatives.

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