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Metal Vs Acrylic Partial Dentures: What’s the difference?

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Partial dentures are a great solution to restore chewing and speaking function along with the wearer’s smile. Partial denture replaces one or several missing teeth relying on the support of the remaining natural teeth to hold it in place. Partial dentures include few choices in terms of material options. Metal frames are preferred for partial dentures but they may not be suitable for patients who have periodontal diseases and may need appliance modifications. Acrylic Partial Dentures are more modifiable compared to metal. Here are some differences between acrylic vs metal dentures:

Metal partial dentures

Metal partial dentures are made of a thin base of metal with teeth and acrylic attached to its baseplate. These dentures are smaller and lighter than plastic or acrylic ones. This helps the patients to easily adapt to the dentures because of their smaller size. However, metal is considerably more expensive than other types of materials.

Here are some of the advantages of metal partial dentures:

  • These dentures are strong and hard to damage.
  • Made using high resin or composite teeth they can be color matched to other existing natural teeth.
  • Have a much longer lifespan.


Along with benefits there are also few drawbacks of these dentures such as:

  • Manufacturing is more intricate and labor-intensive than molding acrylic ones.
  • Can cost more if the dentures need customization or modification.

Acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures are made of acrylic or plastic and use metal wire clasps which are attached to the remaining teeth. These are more affordable than metal dentures and there are other types of acrylic dentures that the patient can choose from. It is easier to add a new base or new teeth to an existing denture. However, they need additional hygiene and maintenance and if not taken care of properly it may lead to gum damage.

Here are some of the advantages of acrylic dentures:

  • These dentures appear quite natural and can last for years if maintained properly.
  • Since they are easier to adjust to, patients usually experience less gum irritation.
  • Are affordable than porcelain dentures.

Here are some of the disadvantages of these dentures:

  • Since they are made of plastic resin, they can wear down quickly.
  • They are more prone to breakage.
  • These dentures are bulkier compared to other options.
  • May lead to a longer adjustment period for wearers.


Which can be the best choice for you?

Not everyone’s mouth is the same. The decision on which type of partial denture to get is made between the denture wearer and their dentist. Depending on the patient’s mouth and the severity of any dental conditions a dentist may recommend acrylic over a metal partial denture or vice versa. Both dentures come with benefits and some drawbacks which must be considered when making a final decision for best partial dentures . Depending on the wearer’s overall oral health history, one may suit better than the other. It is also important that the denture meets the wearers need and is not financially overbearing.

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