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How implant supported dentures replace missing teeth?

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Implant supported dentures are one of the most popular methods to replace missing teeth . Implant supported dentures have the combination of durability and bone-preserving qualities of both implants and dentures. Implant supported dentures are a type of permanent over denture for a tooth replacement of patients who have lost several or all the teeth on a dental arch. These implants can help preserve the wearer’s jawbone. A partial or complete denture will be attached to the patient’s underlying tooth structure. With implant-supported dentures patients may also prefer bar retained (removable) or fixed screw retained. To secure and hold the implants firmly in position the patient must have an adequate amount of bone density and thickness of jawbone.
Here are some of the implant supported dentures pros and cons:


Here are a few benefits of implant supported dentures:

  • The implants hold the dentures more securely in the mouth which means patients will not have to worry about them falling out.
  • Has the appearance and feel similar to the natural teeth.
  • Provides stimulation needed by the jawbone to stay healthy and prevent resorption or shrinkage.
  • Since the implants are stimulating the patient’s gums it helps to prevent bone tissue loss.
  • Taking care of these dentures is just like taking care of real teeth.
  • Implants offer a sound and solid foundation for dentures which helps to improve the wearer’s chewing and speech efficiency.


Just like advantages, there are also some drawbacks of implant supported dentures which includes:

  • Implant supported dentures are more costly in comparison to traditional dentures.
  • Requires surgical procedure.
  • Not a suitable option for every patient as not everyone can have implants placed to help secure their dentures.



Working of implant supported dentures.

A patient who wants to get implant supported dentures will have to meet a dentist or an oral surgeon to understand about the implant supported dentures process. Here’s the working of implant supported dentures . In the first appointment the dentist needs to evaluate the patient’s oral health to ensure that they have adequate jawbone density that can hold dental implants. An oral surgeon or dentist will surgically place four to six implants, typically titanium screws into the patients jawbone during the installation of these dentures. The number of implants to use depends on the type of implant denture that the patient prefers. The implants will provide adequate support for the new dentures and keep them in place permanently.

After the insertion, the screws are then given time to fuse with the patient’s jawbone tissue properly to create a solid foundation and. This osseointegration process usually takes anywhere between three and six months. Once the implants are firmly with the patient’s jawbone, the patient is then ready to get the final prosthesis. A unique set of custom-made denture sets is fabricated using the impressions of the patient’s dentition in a dental laboratory. The set is then attached to the patient’s mouth and once inserted, it cannot be removed without the assistance of a dentist or an oral surgeon.

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