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How does a porcelain restoration complete your dental implant?

Porcelain has become a popular dental restoration material as it is similar to the natural color of the teeth. Anyone getting dental implants has to choose either a porcelain crown, metal crown or zirconia crown restoration to protect and take care of the missing teeth. Many patients tend to choose porcelain restoration to restore the natural appearance and feel of their smile.

Dental implants are a surgical procedure that requires a crown typically manufactured from porcelain or zirconia to be fixed over an abutment. Porcelain restorations provide resemblance of the natural teeth, durability and an exceptional and superior level of color customization to dental implants. Dental implants with porcelain cover or caps can last the wearer for life. With proper care and oral hygiene porcelain restoration teeth can last for approximately 15 years and will remain aesthetically pleasing because of their resistance to discoloration and staining. There is also a ready-made porcelain restoration kit available that many clinicians prefer due to their convenience.

Benefits of porcelain restorations

Along with the resemblance to the natural teeth, porcelain is also beneficial for patients as it is durable, strong and long-lasting. Here are some of the few benefits of porcelain teeth restoration:

  1. One of the benefits of porcelain is that it can be used for various applications such as weak, decayed, missing or damaged teeth.
  2. Porcelain as a restoration material provides protection and strength in the restoration of teeth and improves oral health.
  3. Resembles the color of the natural teeth which means it allows the teeth to be restored in the most natural looking way possible.
  4. Porcelain can withstand the pressure of constant chewing and are more durable in comparison to metal amalgam.
  5. Porcelain crowns can be repaired unlike ceramic restoration.
  6. Helps to preserve the healthy glow and shine of the teeth.


All porcelain restoration services in Unique Dental Lab.

People have become more conscious about their appearance and are looking for an attractive and healthy looking smile. For the patients who are worried about the physical appearance of their smile, porcelain offers a more natural looking teeth restoration solution. If you are looking for the best and quality porcelain restoration services , then you are at the right place. With more than 75 years of combined industry experience we Unique Dental Lab provide quality craftsmanship, quality materials and commitment to perfection making the right choice for dentists locally in Carrollton, TX. We are a hub for most efficient and trusted dental services guided by experienced dentists, influential lab technicians and teachers. We are committed and dedicated to fast turnaround and expedited service, impeccable customer service with superior and quality work so that the patient will be completely satisfied. Along with porcelain teeth restoration and other dental services when you’re ready to expand your practice, improve patient care, reduce chair time and increase your bottom line Unique Dental Lab will be the best partner for you. We have the highest quality restorations customized for you.

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