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Fixed Vs Removable restoration: Which is better?

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Dental restorations include the placement of all types of prostheses that replace the normal function of damaged teeth for different reasons. When a patient has lost their teeth, the placement of a dental restoration can be an ideal solution both on a functional and aesthetic level. The dentist will be responsible for recommending the patient the most appropriate dental restoration types according to their condition. Dental restorations can be removable or fixed, removable dentures restorations can be snapped on and off of the abutments, while fixed dentures are permanent. Dental restoration cost depends on the number of teeth that need to be replaced, and also every patient has their own treatment goals and dental requirements, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

  • Fixed Restorations: Fixed restorations are an option that appears, feels, and functions just like natural teeth as they are permanently attached to dental implants in the mouth.They have a tight fit and are made out of high-quality ceramics. Fixed restorations are typically the best choice for patients who have healthy mouths and proper amount of gum tissue and jawbone. Bone grafting can also be used in order to strengthen the jaw for fixed implant-supported dentures. They provide great aesthetic results for the wearers and require almost no care other than standard oral care. Cost of fixed restorations can be higher compared to the  cost of removable restoration.
  • Removable Restorations (Overdentures):Removable restorations also known as overdentures are attached to 4 to 6 dental implants in the mouth. These restorations offer many of the benefits of fixed implant-supported dentures to patients as well as some of the drawbacks of traditional dentures. A cast bar is constructed in most cases that connects all of the implants together, and allows overdentures to be snapped securely in place. This means that the dentures can easily be removed by the patient to be cleaned. In addition, for patients who have previously had periodontal disease with removable restorations the gum can also be cleaned and maintained. Removable restoration types are much more affordable in comparison to fixed implant dentures. 


All Porcelain dental restoration in Unique Dental lab.

All porcelain dental restorations can be used as a bi-layered restoration in which a core or framework is veneered by more aesthetic ceramics or as full-contour (monolithic) restorations, which can be stained when required. All porcelain dental restoration systems have expanded the range of restorative treatment solutions significantly and at the same time, their handling has been simplified substantially. Porcelain restorations are durable, long-lasting and can stand up to the regular wear and tear. For patients having allergies or sensitivities to different metal materials, all porcelain restorations provide an allergen and irritant-free solution.  At Unique Dental Lab with having more than 75 years of combined industry experience, our quality craftsmanship, quality materials and commitment to perfection have made the right choice for dentists locally in Carrollton, TX. Unique Dental Lab. is the best partner for you when you’re ready to expand your practice, improve patient care, improve treatment procedure, reduce chair time and increase your bottom line. We have a fast turnaround and expedited service with quick shipping available upon request!

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